Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Answers baby

A is for age:  23 til the end of the month, Although I still feel like my 16 hahaha
B is for breakfast today: one vegan spelt brownie ( I'll be posting the recipe later) and a blueberry smoothie! Yummm, plus lots of water. 
C is for currently craving: currants, I got some in my Nature Box last month and have yet to use them... Maybe I will make some oat balls or something with them. 
D is for dinner tonight: vegetarian shepherd's pie... you can get the recipe in my menu for the week
E is for favorite type of exercise: dancing is definitely my favorite exercise, esp dancing to offspring fly for a white guy with Connor.... Tooooo cute. We love 90's pop hits on pandora. 

F is for an irrational fear: every time I am putting something down the garbage disposal that its going to magically turn on, on its own and get my hand... 
G is for gross food:] cottage cheese, I just can't stand it

How can people eat that YUCKKK
H is for hometown: Shoey 
I is for something important: My family

J is for current favorite jam: jack johnson banana pancakes... but thats like always my have
K is for kids: 

L is for current location:  My bed writing this blog while Connor watches bolt 
He loves his apples!
M is for the most recent way you spent money: Weis this morning on whole grain bread, which had no price tag on it and ended up being 5 bucks... Ugh I am definitely going to buy the ingredients this week and make my own. 
N is for something you need: A maid to clean and cook for me... 
O is for occupation: taking care of old people... i love it
P is for pet peeve: the sounds made when eating and drinking. It grosses me out and I have to leave. 
Q is for a quote:

R is for random fact about you: I can sing all 44 presidents..  in order that they were in office I learned the song in 3rd grade and it really stuck haha
S is for favorite healthy snack:  Favorite snack would have to be pretzel chips with my yummy garlic spinach hummus dip... i could eat it all day long, maybe I'll post a recipe but i never measure anything out.
T is for favorite treat: Coconut  "ice-cream" with cookie dough or brownies or both yummy
U is for something that makes you unique: My style... I have a hippie/ chic/ bohemian/ laid back kind of style any day of the week.. hahaha

V is for favorite vegetable: BRUSSEL SPROUTS!!! 

W is for today’s workout: dance hour with connor to 90's pop music
X is for X-rays you’ve had: umm my leg a million times, my arm, my head, um my stomach, pretty much my whole body
Y is for yesterday’s highlight: I guess going to see a friend's classroom and connor loving it
Z is for your time zone: eastern time zone

your turn! pick the letters from your initials and answer those in the comments below!!!!

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