Friday, May 4, 2012

Snobby joe

Good Afternoon!!

We took this morning to story time! Connor loves the library, mostly because he gets to get in trouble  play with his friends. lol We of course had a good time! Came home and went for a long walk with Scott, Connor and Shelby!

Came home and tried Bunny dogs but we definitely didn't like them. YUCK they tasted like vinegar ( I may have just put too much vinegar in the marinade).

Instead we had some delicious peanut butter and strawberry Jam(grape for connor).

I was just cutting up pineapple and honey dew and on the labels they say no fat and good for the heart. I worked in produce for a little bit and I always thought it was funny when it said FAT FREE on baby carrots. Of course they are fat free!!! lol. I find this ridiculous, but most american's and people in general don't eat enough produce and farmers/ manufacturers of these products have to write these things on the label to get people to eat them. Its amazing!

Anywho we had snobby joes, Roasted asparagus and sweet potato fries for dinner. Connor had 2 plates full so I think it was definitely a good recipe! So very tasty!

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