Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Growing some balls and blog

Hey there blogworld! I've been wanting to blog for awhile and tonight I decided to take one giant leap for this girl =) hahaha

I'm 23 until the end of the month. I am a Mom to an amazing 3 year old and I am married to my best friend! We adopted a shiba chow 6 months ago, Shelby. She's a little bit of diva. 

I am new to being a Vegetarian. I've tried being one before, but I have always failed because where I live its hard to get veg fair. I'm beyond scared to go out to eat, but I will try it. If you are new to being a vegetarian we can hold each other's hands through the journey. If you are a pro PLEASE leave some feedback!!

<3 I hope you enjoy the blog!

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