Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reuse it babe

Good afternoon ya'll

So I get kind of annoyed with advertisements for something new like every five mins, like why fix what you have, just buy a new one. I, like everyone else, love new things. I also love to reuse things that can be fixed to A) save money and b) to help the planet. 

We bought Connor a lot of his Thomas the tank engine stuff from consignment store's because they looked brand new and saved us up to 90% off the brand new one. We also do hand me downs in clothing for Connor and then we give it to one of Scott's friend's son. This isn't just good for your wallet its going for the environment. You are saving the energy of making something new, of the materials needed to make the product and whatever else needed to be for the product. 

Now I do not think everything should be reused. There are some things that definitely shouldn't, but be economical and save the environment. 

Instead of buying water bottles buy a brita pitcher
Use reusable bags at the grocery store
Some beauty brands  will let you hand in your old bottles of beauty products for a discount on a new product

Did you know that by eating less meat you helping the planet? The meat industry is the biggest offender of greenhouse gas emissions??? The meat and dairy farmers who keep over populating the cows for meat eaters who eat wayyy more than they should are the main cause for the ozone layer depletion. This is a fact there are plenty of websites that support this just look it up on google and you will find 100's maybe 1000's of links to websites. 

So if you don't want to give up meat, just maybe do a Meatless Monday and help save the environment! Buy local meat and dairy if you can. 

Everyone should buy local because it's definitely better for the environment and its better for you!!

Wednesday for us is farmers market day! We love farmers market day! I cannot wait for the the on Penn Ave to open the first week of June... 

Well I hope you guys enjoy your day!!!

Do you buy anything local?

Have you started a meatless monday?

What do you do for the environment?

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